• Love?

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    Of course I’m hopeless liking you this way. And my whole life is muddled up more, more than it has been, just by my thinking of you.

    And I’m writing like a coward on a website, watching my phone for any sign of a text alive, waiting for the day we’ll meet again.

    Of course I’m hopeless liking you this way. You have no clue, you dense fool! And I won’t bother telling you anyway, because my chance is as small as my self-esteem.

    You’ve got all the girls chasing your heels, and you don’t even realize it. And I’ve become another number to the hearts you’ll break with your silent, unrealizing words.

    Of course I’m hopeless liking you this way. Even if that chance happened, two broken people wouldn’t make a right. We’d be two brooding fools, too silent to speak our minds.

    But I can’t help to like the way you are. Since high school, I knew you had your problems. And it’s funny that I didn’t think of you romantically in anyway! Just that I wanted to understand you. But that plan fell through, I wasn’t who you needed, and we broke away for years until now.

    I like the way you notice too, inquiring about what’s wrong. You’re kind. You’re bloody hell cute too, but you’re kind. Kindness is everything.

    I might annoy you, but you won’t say it. I might pester you too much, but you won’t say it. And I feel sorry for it, so I’ll hold my tongue on this blooming love. Someday surely, I’m sure you’ll find your damsel in distress, and you’ll be her prince and you two will live in that golden happiness of ever after.

    So of course I’m hopeless liking you this way. You blind, sweet fool. You deserve the world, and the world will gladly have you if you just look up from the shadows.

    Good bye.

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