• Leave now or forever hold no peace

    by  • June 21, 2015 • The In-Laws • 0 Comments

    Dear soon to be brother in law.
    I hate that i am calling you that…the fact that you would be in any way related to me sickens me. I have no idea why my sister had agreed to marry you, move in with you or be with you in the first place. She might not see it…but I DO. I see the way you treat her. you treat her like utter shit. You are a drunk, beating, stealing asshole. taking advantage of her. She doesn’t deserve this, at all. what did she ever do to you? how many chances has she given you? she loves you, but you…? what the hell do you even think of her? you treat her like a rock on the side of the road. always kicking her around and then leaving her behind. Its the same every time, you drink, you beat, you threaten her, you steal her money, and then you leave. And all of a sudden the next morning, you go crawling back to her saying “I’m sorry” and “I love you, i promise i’ll change for you.” BULLSHIT. you haven’t changed a BIT. you cheat on her, and you know what? she is carrying your child,and when she found out she was pregnant she was the happiest person alive. but eventually after time, she has regretted having YOUR child. i have seen it…she has come to me crying, asking for help but not accepting it. she is scared and in denial about you…but i know, i see it in your eyes. so i ask you one thing…please take care of the two of them…or please…leave my sister alone. i will NEVER consider you family, until you have paid for what you’ve done, or have changed. because if you truly loved her, you would change to be a better person. so please…just leave her alone. forever.

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