• Feminism ranting

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    To me, being a feminist is working to be treated equally to males in every way. By this I mean have the same opportunities as men without being questioned because of my gender. My friends don’t always understand this because they perceive feminism as bossy, narrow-minded girls shouting about bad boys treating them like dolls but that is not what we are.

    I don’t care how many pictures of women half naked in magazines there are as long as men get the same treatment. I don’t care how many stay at home mums there are as long as they want to be there. For me, the aim of feminism is simple- I want to be able to do and be whatever and whoever I without my gender being an issue. If I want to go out in a mini skirt and stilettos (which I won’t be doing because I can’t walk in heels) then don’t call me a slut or a whore. How I dress does never determine how I act or how often I have sex. And for that matter if I want to have sex with lots of different guys why should I be ridiculed and and be called a slut? If you call me a slut, you should be prepared to call the men who do the exact same thing can get called sluts as well.

    Feminists are perceived as head-strong and forceful but we just have a point that we want to get across so will do anything to explain it. I think people are scared of the women who want this change to they try to laugh at us by stereotyping to take away from our point. The stereotypical feminist wears dungarees, Docs and shave the sides of their heads. Some want to dress like that some don’t. The women that do dress like that do it because they want to be. I don’t, does that make me any less of a feminist? Nope. So give up because we and our points aren’t going anywhere.

    So my message I want to give is this; feminism is the future. Don’t be scared of change, be scared of the people who don’t want change because they are the ones who will cause the most damage in the world.

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