• Letting Go …

    by  • June 18, 2015 • Betrayal • 2 Comments

    I do think about you, I think about you all the time. When I wake up to when I’m sleeping. You definitely don’t escape my mind once I’ve had a coffee with Pippa. When we broke up I hated you. I actually managed to not to think about you. You had broken me. All the confuzion and the issues that you had with things that I couldn’t understand. It was always a game. Don’t do what you want to do, don’t bother asking. You say you liked my mum, but yet not once did you ever come with me to a family dinner at my mums. The saddest part is that she actually liked you.. I don’t think you understand but by not even making the effort once to dinner, you would rather offend her. My family actually wanted to get to know you, but you never did. Yes, fair enough you met my dad and you liked him. I don’t think you realized how much it actually would have meant to me Just to do a few things I would have liked. This makes me realise I’m not missing anything much at all. Ohhh That’s right you decided to fuck my best friend for months straight after we broke up. Yes, bad best friend I had. You proved your point. You nearly killed my emotion buttons with all the emotion and heart aache you had given me. You left me. Fucked my best friend for months… I STILL don’t get why you had to do that. I can never forgive you. You said you loved me, but yet you can take away my bestfriend from me. I confided in her, no one else. I had already learnt that you can’t trust people. I actually thought I had a BBF that I could trust and one that would die for me. But you took it away. Out of the entire world you had to go fuck her. Take it out, Sharpen it and keeping on stabbing. You took your love away from me then my bestfriend. I dont have close family, I had you two. You both betrayed me. Burnt our loyalty and trust. I don’t talk to her anymore, her actions chose her choice. I still manage to see and talk to you though, I dont understand why, I fuckin hate you! You tell me you fucked my best friend on the beginning of a 3 hr road trip.. I just wanted to jump out of the car and get away from you and spew. You lent over, your fist went into my chest and you ripped my heart out. You do all of this after convincing me that I need to open my heart up.. You knew it was going to hurt. Fk I hate you. But then I see you and this disgusting mask covers my face and we pretend to be friends and peachy fkn keen in each others lives. Ohhh wait hold up… you have a girlfriend… that’s right. Something’s we can stop other’s from doing. In your case I followed the intensity and before you knew it you hand me on my hands and knees, quite happily pulsating into me.. I know it’s eating you alive….. I know you will squirm and need to confess in a month to three….. Ooohhhh nooo naughty me…. I wont be catching you when you fall down in front of me….. Bitter Revenge is served ever so sweet….

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    2 Responses to Letting Go …

    1. Final
      May 31, 2016 at 4:13 am

      This is fucking amusing. The missing piece of the puzzle. Read your last line. First word.


    2. Days Of Our Lives
      June 1, 2016 at 2:43 pm

      Very interesting lines. To think I played a cameo part & that scene wasn’t part of this tale. FML how many letters do you write!



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