• Putting the blame on me

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    So you cheated…and when found out said that we weren’t in an exclusive relationship..the first I’ve heard about it in 10 months. You made me feel very cheap and sick to my stomach. You were so cold and heartless. Making out it was my fault that my heart was breaking because it was me that misunderstood. You are not worthy of this woman who offered you unconditional love and was nothing but good to you. You say you love me more than you can explain..and then treat me so badly. I need to let this all go. Don’t contact me again, I have nothing to say.

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    1. Unconditional love...
      June 17, 2015 at 6:19 pm

      …does not include a time stamp or judgement.

      I was on the other end of this. Seeing a girl whom I was crazy about for several months. The problem was we had a huge communication barrier -both scared and unable to really tell each other how we felt for each other and establish exclusivity.

      So I wrongly assumed she did not want to be exclusive with me and when the opportunity arose I began seeing someone else who made it clear they did.

      When I told her, it hurt her. Only then did she tell me that she had very strong feelings and thought we were together. Judgment was made and her distrust of me tarnished a future relationship together.

      It hurt me knowing I hurt her. Years later It still does, knowing that my actions made a young women that I cared for even more distrusting of men then she already was. That I may in someway been responsible for further hardening her heart to love.

      Communication is important. Without it assumptions are made. Just something to consider before you completely shut out someone you “unconditionally love.”

    2. Joanne
      June 19, 2015 at 11:15 am

      Thank you for your reply.
      No it’s different told me he loved me, loved sharing his life with me. I was his girlfriend ( his description) was immersed in his family… You get the idea. He made a choice and I won’t live with it.

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