• Missing us

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    Sometimes I lie to myself and pretend I’m over you. I know it’s been a couple years now. I know you’re married to the “love” of your life now. How could I ever compare to him? He was your first major relationship, he was your first time, you’re high school sweetheart.

    We met in college when you moved down here. Your long distance relationship wasn’t working and you found me, We found each other. He dumped you and you ran to me like a hurt child. You were 20 and I was 23. What followed was 3 years of love. I loved you so much. You were utterly perfect in my eyes. I should have proposed when I had the chance, I just always assumed I had more time. I was content with the now. I never imagined he would come back around and steal you away.

    When you broke up with me, It nearly killed me. Years later the pain in my heart still burns. The tears in my eyes are still wet as ever. I truly thought you were going to be in my life forever and now I don’t even speak to you, haven’t in years. I know your married now and I do hope you are happy. I can’t help but still love you. Remembering how I felt cuddled up with you, talking about our dreams and future. Hearing your jokes and silly comments about people we knew, made my day. The look you gave me when you were irritated with me, was priceless and I loved it. I’ll never forget one night when you laid asleep on my chest, I couldn’t help but think I was the luckiest guy in the world. I had the most beautiful girl inside and out and I was truly happy. Now I sit here, just turning 28 and being single for a couple years now. It’s so hard thinking back, I miss us. I miss the old days of staying up late with you, you calling me and texting me begging me to come over, because you couldn’t sleep without me. I wanted to have a little girl that had your beautiful hair and laugh, now I never will. The pain hurts the most at night. When the world sleeps and I lie away and think.

    I know you will never read this cuteness but I do hope your happy. I also hope that sometimes, you think of me and maybe give a smile. Wishing you nothing but the best, someone who is grateful for the three years of happiness I had with you.

    loving you always,


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