• should the abused, keep the secrets of the abuser

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    I would like some constructive feedback. Currently, I am finding it hard to find any compassion for the women, (who are BOTH married and have children) who were involved for years in affairs with my husband. This letter is not about him, but about them… Both of these “friends” of his were intimately aware of the details in my life and knew (because of my monster of a husband), about every struggle and heartache I was going through at that time and still choose to fuck my husband. He lied to them about me also,and did everything possible to make himself look downtrodden and mistreated. I have also learned that both of the women have been cheated on in previous marriages.. That part really seems unfathomable to me.. I always felt an intense dislike for them and actually struggled with those feelings because I was surprised by how much I could not stand them,(obviously this was before I knew what whores they were) I was completely clear with my husband about the way I felt and called to his attention that he was “friends” with the type of people that he usually couldn’t stand and made fun of in other circumstances. I was totally forthright in the insistence that I was not o.k. with the constant texts and calls from either woman,( the affairs happened over a great deal of years) he shared this with them barely but things still continued, just more secretive, with calls from work phones and secret email addresses. I would say that any woman in my position would feel the same way.Ex. ” How would C or H feel if someone( another woman) constantly called or texted their husband?! Pretty pathetic that I would have to make a case for what should be considered decent respect in a marriage! In any case since the discovery of the affairs each whore/woman has shown no remorse whatsoever, basically flipping me off in their own way. I have tried to call and discuss things,but that has not been productive. I know that they are disgusting humans. I have heard some pretty sick stories about them at this point. One of them has begged me not to tell her current husband( who she was recently married to, while still continuing an emotional affair with my husband)the other is so delusional that she has denied even having an affair, even though my husband spilled all the details to his boss and coworkers.I guess I have been made out to be someone who is picking on her for some unknown reason… I want to know, of ANYONE who could say that they would NOT want to know if their spouse was cheating on them. Would you actually want to continue a marriage with someone who was not honest and had been with slutty ugly people, who most likely enjoyed your misery and disrespected your whole family. These women actually bragged to him about their many affairs. Pretty hard to keep their secrets at this point. I am honestly thinking about going scorched earth!! Can’t wait to hear any responses. Bring on the whore sympathy! Tell me how I shouldn’t ruin the family of someone who didn’t give a fuck about mine and enjoyed their pain. One of the bitches had the audacity to have lunch with MY daughter, the other was totally rude to her at their office! Go ahead and say their husbands and families would be better off living a lie. I can’t wait!

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    1. Love is blind
      June 16, 2015 at 6:56 pm

      I can’t condone what the two ‘other’ women have done. However, love is blind. Instead of placing the blame of these affairs on these other women, I think you need to ask yourself and your husband, why did he cheat in the first place? He could have stayed faithful, it was his choice just as much as theirs. Even if one of those women did say no, he would have and could have just gone somewhere else. The only person you have to blame is your husband.

    2. b
      June 16, 2015 at 8:17 pm

      My mother always told me that “the best revenge is living well.” I say don’t give them any of your time, they’ve stolen enough from you as is. Get a divorce, move on, find someone who deserves your love & returns it, be happy & live well.

    3. Sideshow alley
      June 16, 2015 at 10:40 pm

      Do what you need to do. To be honest by the hateful way you spew comments all over this site I doubt you are the innocent party you make out to be. Your husband sounds like he had no conscience in doing what he did to you and maybe he had a reason which involved you and the way you treated him in what ultimately led him to finding comfort in the arms of another…more than once. It sound like you are all part of one big disgraceful circus filled with ugly clowns. Time to move on no one is interested in your show any more. I for one are so sick and tired of reading about it on here. So move the fuck along……

    4. of course...
      June 17, 2015 at 4:36 pm

      Cheaters usually identify with the party who has done wrong,NOT the wronged party. Go figure the only advice you have is,” move along”… AND blame the wife for what her husband did. I am so FUCKING sick of that mentality!!! How he treated her is not HER fault! Whatever, I guess if someone is mad about what happened to them, they must have caused it…great detective skills there. Now I guess I should move along…but hey, glad you were “honest”.

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