• Rbna Ye7fzk W ye7meeky ya rab

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    Hanan, you literally are the single most amazing respectable person i’ve ever seen. I don’t know what i should say or whether it will matter or not,but i just want to say that you really are special. Masha2 allah mo2adba w mo7trma w 5aloqa w ay 7ad sawa2an et3aml m3aky aw l2 by7bk w wallahy ana mahma 7sl mogrd ma bshofk btd7ky aw bthazary b7s kda eny far7ana mn 3’eir sabab w bs fekret eny 3rft enk mtday2a w mo5noo2a l2et nfsy bdm3 mn 3’eir sabab f sada2ny mahma kanet el 7aga ely mday2aky swa2an mohema aw la2 f el awl w a5er mtsthlsh enik to3ody z3lana 5als w ?Rbna isa ynawar 2albek b el deen w el 3elm w yeshra7 sadrk bel hoda w yerfa3 maqamik w y7fzk ya rab w wallahe f el awl w fel a5er mahma konty metday2a w z3lana dayman in sha2 allah htla2y 7ad wa2f gnbk sawa2an ana aw 3’eiry 3shan enty masha2 allah testahly kol 5er :’) <3

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