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    We’ve been talking for a long time now. During all those little chats, important and unimportant, I’ve realized a few things. I think we are both very similar in terms of our thought process, dreams and fears. Not to mention we have similar tastes and hobbies (not exactly the same, obviously, but that’s good). We both reject the conventional lifestyle and want to break out and do something different. I feel comfortable while talking to you. I feel that whatever I say, you’re not going to judge me or think I’m weird. Well, even if you do find something weird, I know for sure that you acknowledge that everyone including you has a strange side to them.

    I have experienced a lot of loss and disappointment in life, and I know you have too. Yet we both have a streak of positivity that keeps the cynicism from taking over completely. I know that when I talk to you I feel better and it helps bring that positive, energetic side out.

    I know our relationship is not based on attraction – but I’ll say this – there’s a certain passion there. It’s something that I feel is deeper than most other friendships I’ve had. It’s a relationship of the mind, a longing to share our thoughts with a kindred spirit. Because of this, I believe that we can find happiness in each other’s company.

    I realize that you may not feel as strongly. I also know that, even if you do, reality might turn out to be quite different. But I can’t help but wonder – are you the companion I’ve been searching for? The one who will hold my hand even as he lets me soar? I might never know that answer to this question. I value our friendship too much to even risk defining it. But on a subconscious level, I’m trying to tell you this, Andy – I’m not afraid of you. Don’t be afraid of me.

    Your friend always,

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