• You know when it gets too much

    by  • June 14, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    At the beginning of the day i thought that it couldnt get much worse when i got completely blanked by you as i walked into the hall. But then i say the graffiti scrawled on my desk saying that i was stupid. Then as i was getting off the bus i say you walking down the street together up to lorels house. Then i saw that you were having a fucking pajama party. All four of you together. At that point i was done.

    I can’t even describe how im feeling right now. What did i do that made you hate me so much that you would make me feel so inadequate and small. You dont even have enough respect for me to just try and explain to me why you are doing this. I dont need this right now.Isabella is depressed and my alcoholic useless dad is coming back to england yet its too much effort for you to just be there for me when i need you the most i ever have needed you. I can’t cope with this. seeing all of you every day and having to hold back those fucking tears.

    i was sitting in the exam hall for an hour staring at those stupid words on that desk. I couldn’t break down in the middle of the exam hall to i just laughed it off but now i cant stop crying like some fucking baby. please just tell me why you are doing this

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