• You broke my heart

    by  • June 14, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    You are my first love. I .its been two months and I’ve hoped and prayed that you would come back to me . We texted a few times and I thought maybe you were going to say you loved me and missed me. But you didn’t . I’ve waited to long . My heart still belongs to you but obviously yours belongs to someone else . I wish nothing but the best for you . I hope someone makes you happy like I couldn’t make you . Thanks for the memories I’ll always cherish them . I don’t regret anything i did with you . I wanted to hate you but I can’t . You really hurt me and my heart is broken in a million pieces .maybe we weren’t together for that long but I really hoped we would have lasted longer . I remember when I first started liking you freshman year I had the biggest crush on you and never had to guts to talk to you . Until senior year when we had a class together . I remember our first time hanging out at the beach . I couldn’t believe that the guy I liked for 3 years is actually talking and hanging out with me . I replay everything like the time you tried to kiss me and I pushed you away because I never kissed anyone before you and I was scared I was going to do it wrong . But you were patient with me .i would get in trouble for staying out late with you but I didn’t care , I was with you . I would do everything all over again . Hopefully I’ll see you one day in the future and I’ll be happy with someone else like I was once with you. I’ll miss your stupid jokes , curly dark hair , mesmerizing brown eyes and pale skin that you hated . I’ll always look for you in someone else but no one can replace you . Just know that I love you

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