• Why I’ll Never Move On

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    You hear it all the time, ‘Oh you’ll find somebody’ ‘there’s someone for everyone’.

    Have any of those people actually took a moment to think about love. Love is forever. I found mine. Except, well it is kind of forbidden and the person doesn’t actually know. He can’t know. He’s also taken currently. I always have hope. A life without hope isn’t a life at all.

    They call it ‘realism’, I call it being boring and negative. I know in my heart and soul I will never move on. Why should I conform? I’m not having people tell me ‘I told you so’. I WILL NOT settle for second best. They will never be him so why would I want them?

    All of these feelings, full of rage and bitterness. I still can’t hate him though. I just hate his other half.

    So please do not patronise me and make out that you are me and you know me inside and out because you don’t. Do not talk to me of love and what you say it is because love is different for everybody.

    The tears tend to visit me at night as well as the sheer fury and insanity. I want to scream for eternity. I know if I let it out, it will never stop. As some people can cope with just punching a wall, that doesn’t do it for me. I go crazy.

    Most people will probably call me crazy. Call me what you like. Actually, don’t.

    Why would anybody let anybody go who they love? How can you have loved them if you are letting them go? Love is forever, for eternity.

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    One Response to Why I’ll Never Move On

    1. Hollowman
      June 15, 2015 at 5:32 am

      Forbidden? Are you gay and from a religious family ?
      If so or if any religion holds you back, then dump the unproven in favour of the truth. Religion is worth dog shit, love is so much more because it is exactly what the promise of false gods give, but without the lie.
      Even if you are not gay, take time to get close to the person, and do not hate their partner, it won’t endear you to the one you want.

      As for is it love? Maybe, maybe not. You see love is different, twice before i thought i had love, and then i met the person i love, whom of course i shall not be with ever unless miracles do occur. I love her so much i would happily die for her today. But when you know you know, so maybe you do, but if you just think, “i love….” then do not be so sure, because i know this, it is like a thunderbolt of awesome power, when you would, say, do, be anything for them. Unconditional love, for her there is nothing she couldn’t do to, or ask from, me.
      I would caution against telling them unless you have a bond with them that can survive rejection, ours did not, and she rejected and departed my life, i would rather have been silent and built a stronger closer bond than have lost her forever, so good luck and be careful and just love them all you can



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