• What happens…

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    What happens…

    What happens when your brother molested you…

    What happens when you were seven years old and didn’t stop it from happening?

    What happens when it continues until you were thirteen?

    What happens at every family gathering, every birthday for him? How everyone smiles, and hugs and is so happy to celebrate him?

    What happens when he goes forth?

    What happens when he consistently excels at everything he touches? Chores, school, sports?

    What happens?

    What happens when your parent loses custody of you?

    What happens when you reach out and speak of what happened when you are tired of dealing with it?

    The filth, the stigma, the notion that you are worthless?

    What happens when you reach out to your mother who was at home during the occurrences?

    “It was your own fault, you didn’t say anything how was I to know? He was young. It shouldn’t have an effect on you, I went through something similar with a babysitter when I was young, just get over it and do not speak of this ever again… Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME?”

    What happens when you reach out to your mother that lost custody of you because she tried to strangle you while she was intoxicated. You watched her be put in hand cuffs. You never saw her again, yet for some reason you reached out to her in an email? You were thirteen. What happens?

    You still see him.

    You still see your brother.

    What happens?

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