• A boy

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    Yeah, maybe its a clichè love story. It’s just I really like you, a lot. I cant help my self smiling when I’m thinking about you. I know, we were apart, and not being in the same school with you kills me. I hate not seeing your face everyday like before. I cant even forget you, everytime I tried to move on, your face appears on my mind and it just cant stop. Its like it have to be this way, missing you ever since is my habbit and number one job. But meanwhile, you dont even miss me there, am I right? But this stupid feelings came because of you. You are the one who liked me first, how could you put me into a situation like this? Dear boy, please tell me, do you love me? And oh boy, if yes, why dont you texts me and date me, I’ll became yours. If not, please stop sending signs like that, just for a second. Hope you have a good time and a new girl in your new school. Just dont forget me, I will always be a part of you somehow, R.

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