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    Why is it that we arent important enough for any of you anymore. After everything we have done for you…..

    Lorel we sat outside school for hours when your mums boyfriend was on the rampage. you lived in our house on and off for months and you were always welcome back yet now you decide that me and alice arent even worth the time of day. you do things that we would normally do with you and the others but always forget to invite us. do you even understand how that makes us feel. We have known you since yr 4 and i have been your best friend since then. we were inseparable yet now you always choose someone else over us and never can undstand how we feel. Rebecca now i remember why i hated you when we first met. We got over that hatred and became so close but now all you can do is fawn over ricardo and any other boy in the fucking world and act like you dont know how you are making us feel. you said you were jealous of olivia because we spent a lot of time with her. Well thats because we went to the same running club together and she didnt treat us like children!!!!! you are so patronising and yet you act like an immature child who craves attention. You and lorel may think you own the fucking world but you two are based on lies. Lorel, like us had so much to say when you decided we werent good enough to hang around with anymore and ricardo called you a slut but now they act like they never said any of that and pretend that non of it happened. Lorel said she would never be your true friend again after everything yet there she is by your side making sure we feel like sht everytime we see you. We were a tight group of friends for 5 years and this is how you want to leave it. You expect us to just be happy with being left out and whispered about even when we are standing right in front of you!!!!!!!

    We only bother being around you because somewhere in our heads we still believe you fucking care but everytime you show us you dont and it wearing us down. When we see on facebook or snapchat you have all done something together we are like oh well just a few more weeks and it will be a fresh start. Just a few more weeks and if we dont want to we will never have to speak to them again. How does that make you feel knowing that we hate you now?? how does it feel knowing you have driven away two friends who would do anything for you and you know it because we did? We always went above and beyond to make sure that we could stay friends and this is how you make us feel. Its only me writing this and i think you can guess which twin it is but we both feel exactly the same. Maybe you think because there is two of us we wont be as upset because we will always have each other but you are wrong . Because i have to sit there watching my best friend and twin as she gets repeatedly stabbed in the back by all of you knowing that neither of us will do anything about it because all of you are too fucking immature to handle the truth as i found out on a number of occasions I hope you are happy with yourselves all of you. And yes i am talking to ricardo as well because you feel the need to hold the most stupid grudge for way to long and even though we used to be so close right now i want to tear you limb from limb then watch you bleed out slowly…. i was upset over you yesterday but you know what why the hell am i wasting a thought on you?? oh yh because i love you yet you want to treat me and alice who you always talk about as your best friend like pieces of shit. so fuck you all

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