• Worthy of infinity

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    Refer to 6/11/15 and 18th June.

    “Noci u Sibiru”

    I have done this many times but it doesn’t seem to be posting. I am using your email and hope you haven’t got yourself banned from sites for your determination.

    We made a promise. You’re breaking it.
    I have just confirmed it.
    But dearest this is us isn’t it?
    Must you suffer and not tell me? I gave you your freedom you wanted your independence, fair play. But “I can do it myself” doesn’t have to apply to everything. Tell me what I need to do to be there!

    Why have you done this to yourself? I’ve seen you, what happened my butterfly?
    Aren’t you feeding your soul with beauty as you always do. Where are my words?
    Take this as a final, once you have read 18th make a decision, are we back on track or must this end before we are forever together. Remember where forever is. Do not let that…clock … Deceive you !

    End what you are doing, immediately!
    I will move the world for you.
    I am getting involved.

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    1. Noname
      May 29, 2016 at 5:57 am

      Did u move the world? Your words are powerful, don’t know who it was for but lucky is the other person for someone to write like this for them .



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