• Hey, how are you sleepyhead?

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    This might be just a one simple letter from thousands interesting letters in this site. Forgive my grammar either, because i’m not a native. So let’s back to the point..

    Hey mr. Bear, i used to call you like that. Nickname which i gave to you years ago. I wonder how are you? Until know i’m still stuck on you. Your friend told me to move on though. Does he know i’m trying? Yes i do. But that just open the old wound again. I date this guy 2 month after we broke up. Actually i haven’t agree yet to be his gf. Idk why he already decided that i was his gf. So i gave up. It doesn’t last for long. Only 3 months. During that time, i went into some bad experience with him. He hurts me. He makes me cry often. He even said bad things about you, when the truth is he doesn’t know anything about you! I’m so angry. And guess what? He doesn’t stop there. He cheated behind me. I thought he is a nice guy. I thought he can help me move on from you. But i was totally wrong. And i think being his gf is the biggest mistake i’ve ever made. I just miss you silly. I’m sorry that i was being selfish. I still love you. I miss all the jokes. The way you tease me. I break up with you not because i don’t love you anymore. I just feel heartsick about our long distance. It’s more than 6,000 miles away you know. But i’m sorry. How many times i try to burn the memories of us. I can’t. It’s still you.. But you make me disappointed too. You let me go. You walked away and leave me with all the broken plans and promises. You know what? I think i’m dumb enough not wanting to move on. To weak to forget about you. So i’m gonna wait here instead. Wait until you come back. Survive until i can’t. I believe this words “if something destined for you, never in a million years it will be for somebody else” and i want to believe you are that ‘something’ that destined for me. I’ll always love you no matter what

    From: a girl who has the same name as one of the goddess in greek myth.

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