• Shards of Glass

    by  • June 6, 2015 • Grief • 0 Comments

    You said she said ‘fuck’
    And that she ‘manhandled a kid’
    You lied

    She’ll probably lose her job
    The job that she needs
    To provide for her family

    She has a husband
    Who she supported
    When he had a heart attack

    She has a daughter
    About to leave
    Terrified and needing her mother

    She has a son
    New to college
    Unsure of his place

    She needs to be strong
    Right now

    She has a mother-in-law
    Lying in her son and his wife’s bed
    Too weak to go home

    It was cancer, you know
    Might die in her son’s bed
    As she cares for her

    Not even a year ago
    A year before you lied about her
    She had cancer

    She was strong
    Back then

    And not long before that
    Her father died
    You know what it was?

    She watched a friend
    Fight for years
    Until taken by cancer

    She had to be strong
    Back then

    And long before that
    When she had her dream job
    She gave it up

    She gave it up
    To save the job of a friend
    A friend who had cancer

    She was so strong
    Back then

    She went home

    She isn’t strong
    Right now

    Do you realize
    You have broken her
    When cancer could not?

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