• N , if one day i’m gone .. ?

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    i used to let u off and on during 7 years i used to be kind and patient i used to let u run into my hug when u feel lonely and i used to be there for u when u have no one there for u .. i used to accept things i don’t used to but i just did for you .. i used to handle your anger and exchange it by smile on ur face … i used to never make u feel shy or shame when u say sorry i put my hand on ur lips telling u no need to say it just let it go …. and now you enjoying another break up the “4th” one .. if one day u knew i’m really gone and not here anymore for you it will make any differences ? do you think u will wake up and realize what u lost ? can you try to wake up your heart and shake it and feel me ? can u really believe i’m the type of the man if he is gone who will hardly back or hardly find him ? i’m really still loving you but i won’t say it to u .. girl i feel i’m about to be drifted away to where i can’t go back and i don’t want it to happen .. if im gone for the first time in my life i do this action so what u really will do or feel ?

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