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    It’s been almost 5 years since your father and I divorced. I raised you like my own for 17 years, you lied and stole from me in that time and caused numerous issues in that marriage. In grade school you had to live with us for a year….you stole money out and of all thing my gel ink pens out of my purse then lied about it. I found the gel pens in your room alone with what ever it was you bought with my money and when I asked you about it you said your friend gave it to you. Of course your father believed you instead of me. There was a nasty fight but in the end the truth came out. Then you stole from a store and you stole from a cousin. You’ve always thought you were better than everyone else. You are actually a very mean spirited child. I would never use the term young lady when talking about you. You like to do things that make you LOOK good. You go on social media and post childish things. That’s fine. You’ve always thought that the world revolved around you. Sometimes I don’t blame my mom for treating you the way she did. I remember one years at Christmas you couldn’t be with us so my mom returned all of your Christmas presents. And yes that did result in a fight between me and my mother. You’ve caused more damage in my life than you will ever know. So, when you didn’t answer my messages I guess I’m glad. That way I don’t feel obligated to re start a relationship with you. You my dear are a very poisonous person. Of course no one else sees it. They will. Just keep my name out of your mouth and don’t ask how I’m doing because you really don’t care. And you had the audacity to call my mom and asked her to co sign for a loan for you. I’m so glad that she said no. Oh ya, and when you went to college your father co signed for that and I wasn’t even aware about it till he came home, of course that was when we were still married. That was basically messing with my money too. But I’ll say this, I’ll never get a joint account with anyone ever again. I’m never gonna help pay for someone else’s child support etc…no one ever thought of it that way did they? No, I’m just the bad guy! I’m not the bad guy.

    You shouldn’t concern yourself with what happened with your father and myself, that’s grown folks business. And trust me little girl there’s not a grown woman around that wants a man who’s always drunk and high and never does anything around the house.

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