• confessions of H.A.B.B( honesty about BITCH behaviors

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    Married in 2001 and cheating by 2008… Your little girl was only 4! You encouraged her to talk to, play in the office of, and draw pictures for the man you were having an affair with.. You let your mother watch her while you met him at a hotel, or made excuses to run by the office on the weekend. You comment to him, “how guilty” you feel about being the other woman after having been cheated on in your first failed marriage. You hate the wife of your coworker, it is hard to look or speak to her because you can tell deep down she really doesn’t care for you and is struggling to be polite to you.. Can she tell? Does she know what a desperate pathetic hypocrite you have turned out to be…How does your own husband not know? Maybe he does, and just doesn’t care.. Maybe he is doing the same thing.. Anyone who met you would not blame him.. Saw the wife with her high school daughter at the mall and barely spoke to them because my own poor daughter was running embarrassingly amok through the aisles.. They smile and politely tried to ignore my incompetence.. No matter, it gives you a chance not to engage,( you do occasionally feel shame)..you make a mental note to be bitchy to the daughter next time you see her.( you get your chance, soon after and she even comments to her dad how rude, reeking and ridiculously made up his Bitch of a coworker is) You begin to make fun of the wife, but this is something he doesn’t readily engage in..your anger grows…fast forward to the future. On the bright side.. You latest (out of the hundreds you post) new profile pic is the most female impersonatoresque yet!

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    1. ha ha
      June 2, 2015 at 10:42 am

      She looks like a female impersonator… Hilarious!!

    2. more ?
      June 16, 2015 at 6:50 am

      Sounds like this could just be a few, “bitch behaviors”, …got any more.

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