• Your New Chapter

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    For over 20 years i have been here when you needed me. I’ve helped you financially, emotionally and physically. You have come and gone from my life many many times, choosing me as your safe place to come home to when things got tough. I have never denied from you anything i was cappable of delivering. I have always loved you and i have always been open about my feelings. I hated it every time you left or as you would put it moved on, always telling my i should do the same! I knew I could never stop you and never once expected you back, but welcomed you with open arms when you did return.
    Now you claim our friendship is unhealthy and our relationship was toxic and my love for you is the reason why. For so long I have lived with the pain of loving you while knowing it could never go back to the dream life of happily ever after we both dreamed of so long ago. But i live with that not you. As you are no contact with me because i’m poison i hear from our daughter that you are seeing a therapist and they are the influence behind the idea our relationship is so destructive! How the hell can you banish me from your life based on the opinion and recommendation of someone who’s known you 1 hour a week for 6 months? especially when they’ve never even met me! This fucking hurts, how can cut me of so coldly? I have this feeling in my bones that this is not the end of our story.
    Love you always and forever

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