• Why arnt you married with kids already?

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    That’s what you said upon first conversating with me. I provided a simple answer although short. Honestly as shocked as you seemed that was how shocked i was that you asked. It instantly allowed me to see the person in front of me. A person that obviously thinks that getting engaged married buy the dog then the house…typical cookie cutter life…is the norm and being single is negative and there is something wrong. I was shocked because my view is opposite yours.

    So i guess let me further explain. I am not impressed. When i am it is very rare. I realize the pool of choice is smaller with age. Although some bend under pressure in fear of being alone and have to accept less than desired or deserved, i would rather be alone.

    For the last at least 5 years this is a run down:
    We meet. We talk. We hang. We date. Sounds good right?
    Heres why its not. Guys that learn me. Study me. Become me.
    I want to date a man that is his own person. A guy with character i like. One that might like a certain sport but not cheerleading my team because his fave team is my teams deathmatch. A man that knows my color is green. The fact i hate flowers except tulips but doesnt try to impress me with some because flowers remind me of funeral homes and death. One that knows i might write you a poem or song but i will never give you a hallmark card with any present.

    Basically i’m not impressed because so far men have thought that mirroring me gets them further. They are not smart enough to realize that im looking for the guy that is himself. Im not trying to date myself. They are trying to hook a fish meanwhile i was so bored fishing i fell asleep in the boat.

    Would you want to marry and have kids with that?
    I have hope. I refuse to settle. I guess if hes out there and i meet him then you wont have to ask such questions. Until then i would rather be single.


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    3 Responses to Why arnt you married with kids already?

    1. thoughts
      June 10, 2015 at 11:42 am

      Ask a mom, why she doesn’t work. Ask a working mom, why she doesn’t stay at home with her kids. Ask a woman without kids why she doesn’t have kids… Ask an elderly woman why she has no grand children… Everyone fights their battle. It never ends. There are narrow minded and opinionated people out there. A war of lifestyles. “Show me that I’m better/happier than you, because I miss something badly and I want the confirmation that my way was the right way though.” What does it help?

      But maybe their question was not meant as an offense. It could also have been a honest question or a compliment. Something like “Hey you are fantastic, there must be a lot of men out there who would want to marry you and have kids with you… Why wouldn’t you want that?”


    2. Britney
      June 11, 2015 at 1:43 pm

      Point made. I would want that…. But since he just met me and knew nothing about me to think im fantastic I guess asking strangers personal questions was a big flag.

      So okay lets flip it.
      So last wednesday you went to your friends house and ended up outside hanging out with the neighbors. Upon meeting 42 year old dick/jane you hear in random conversation that dick/jane is a virgin. Now everybody has their opinion on the matter being normal or a bit odd. So when you start talking to dick/jane is your first opening line a question why they are a virgin still?

      Whatever the reason why ask? What do you the stranger care for anyways? You might admire their decision or you might find it totally strange in 2015 that you met a 42 year old virgin. But whatever you think does not matter and more than that it is none of your business.

      Invasive behavior of strangers= big red flag


    3. thoughts
      June 15, 2015 at 12:28 am

      Sure. I get that. Who knows what they thought – if they thought much at all. Maybe they were not even aware of how sensitive that topic was.



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