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    Dear doctor

    I’m sorry i was forced to vamp out but i did tell you for at least 3 months that i could no longer work there. Nothing against you. I will miss your hyperactive ass spinning down a hall like the tazmanian devil. You know how i am. I’m really big on mental health and helping people. I am overprotective of those quiet people that are too polite to put mean people in check. However i cannot be a part of a company that is ran by big wigs with no heart. I simply cannot understand how a person in the medical field that takes oath to help but laugh at the people for their problems behind their back. I work in my field because i have heart and not for the paycheck. That’s like me working in a church but not believing in anything at all. I guess thats all i really can say. Maybe i will see you around. I guess i can say i did a good job keeping you straight. But im most proud of myself for opening your eyes to a couple of things you needed to change. You are a good man but seriously when i called you a jackass you looked at me in shock. You knew why i said it. You did start to make change. All i was attempting to show you was that i am human just like you. I treat people the way i want to be treated. I think thats what shocked you. Not everybody will out right tell you what they think because their scared. I never understood all that. Maybe you being the doctor scares them. I dont know. I will never be that person. The way i see it. You live and die just like any other person so your all treated the same. You always said your starting to believe its not all the women that are the problem but more of the problem is you. To that i say its taken a long damn time but now that you realize quit talking and fix it. All the women you date and break their hearts. All for what? So you can start over the next day with new? Okay i get it. You dont have time for bullshit. Thats great. But being this way keeps you alone.

    I hope you are still with the same one i met. I liked her. I wish you nothing but happiness. I hope your next nurse has a mouth on her just like me. Not scared and keeps it real. You may not always like it but you do need it. I will miss you sweet man.


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