• Tonight’s Emotional Rollercoaster Ended Pissed Off

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    1.) Gonna go for only first names because no one knows me.
    2.) Should start at the beginning, mostly upset because my friends just graduated and because of mental breakdowns and chronic migraines, I didn’t join them. This led to the entire feel jar to open up.

    My beef.

    Cheyenne – If you ever find this, I bet you’re not fucking surprised one bit. You know how feel about you and you know how feel about Skilar. The thing is, I want to be pissed, but it’s all hurt. Like in the space of a week we went from being a trio, to “Fuck I have to find new friends.” Because there isn’t a fucking time when you two aren’t cuddly and it’s killing me. I guess this is karma at its finest.

    Skilar – No beef with you, you actually feel guilty and don’t shove it in my face. You’re one of my best friends and I’m proud of you, and you have no idea how I feel about you do you? Or has Cheyenne kindly filled you in.

    Brooklynn – I want my best friend back, we haven’t talked in a while, Fuck we talked more when you lived in a different city.

    Brienna (aka fire-crotch) – Yeah, you belong in a mental institution. You need help with the cutting, the guilt tripping, back stabbing, manipulating, and generally everything you do. You have no sense of loyalty, and posting pictures of me to reddit without my permission pissed me the Fuck off. And then you said what you did to Skilar. We not have been close at the time but being childhood sweet hearts forms a fucking bond. Big fucking no no. You then tried to usurp Haley’s place in her group when you got kicked out of ours. The thing about us is, if someone is offended, we lock down. Now you have the audacity to tell me that I should get suspended or worse for missing school because I have migraines. And you compared it to cancer. It’s not a headache, and on the bad days my mother cries with me because she can hear me pleading for death. So fuck you and your ginger high horse.

    David – for the sake of your relationship, don’t touch girls who aren’t your girlfriend for longer than five seconds. Don’t ever call Katelyn a cow again. And when someone else tells you they’re bisexual, even if they’re dumping you (sorry), don’t tell the person of said affections, they had no idea.

    Tyler – Bro, you had a dude suck you off. You’re a little gay. And if you say anything homophobic I’ll smack you and remind you by whispering in your ear.

    Brooklynn and Cheyenne – Last winter really fucked me up, and I’m happy you’re happy. I just wish I was happy too.

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