• To my ‘adversary’

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    Dear F,

    We’ve never met. We’ve never spoken. And yet for years I hated you more than anyone or anything I’ve ever hated before. I hated the state you live in, I hated the brand of car you drive, I hated the schools you’ve gone to. I hated the entire country of Costa Rica. I gave you a nasty nickname (o.o), and I even contracted someone to abduct you (don’t worry, it was my teenage sister, it was just a joke.)

    For all of this, I am sorry.

    There are two ways of looking at it for me, your involvement in this saga of mine. I’m leaning in one direction, but that’s always subject to change. Either way, you really didn’t do anything at all to wrong me in anyway. I think you were just a scapegoat for me. Whatever anger and frustration I had building up, I chose to focus that energy against you, so that I didn’t have to direct it to the person who was actually responsible for my angst.

    And to be fair, I didn’t really do anything to you either. The truth is I never would have. But I ruminated on my hatred for you for a long time. Somehow I think you know. I guess I’m just writing this letter to apologize and say I’ve let go of all that. We have a lot in common, or so I’ve heard. I’d like to meet you someday, compare our experiences. I doubt that will ever happen, but I want you to know I no longer hold any ill will towards you, no matter the truth.


    PS Congratulations! I know how hard you’ve had to work.

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