• Printers and Afternoon Classes

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    I’ve always loved that mole on your face. You’re not the best looking around – that’s never mattered to me. Your hair is always messy, and you only ever wear those dumb dry fit shirts and shorts and I’ve only seen you wear jeans once which is really very weird.

    You’re a very weird person in general. You insult yourself before anyone can, and every time you say that you’re ugly, it makes me want to slap you and make you see yourself through my eyes. I think you’re the most amazing person on this earth, and sometimes when I look at you across the room, my heart hurts.

    You hate being touched, but last week you wanted to print something and so did I so I stopped you from using the printers, and you slowly, deliberately pushed into me, not caring that we were up against each other – your leg was pressed against mine and my heart stopped when my hand found your chest.

    The whole of that day you insulted me like you were embarrassed, and I was pissed. I wondered if you could see the longing in my eyes.

    I love the way you react when I tease you. I love the way you say my name. I never liked my name but the way you say it makes it sound so pretty. I love the way you poke at my shoulder so I’ll listen and laugh at your newest joke. I love your jokes so much. I love the way you make fun of your friends. I love the way you support me even when I always tease you. I love the way you never let me feel left out. I love the way you care about people.

    I don’t want to say the three words that matter the most, if only for the fact that you probably don’t know all of this let alone feel the same way.

    That doesn’t matter because I was never good enough for you anyway. I hope someday you’ll let someone in who sees you the way I do.

    – Just your classmate

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