• Not Like The Movies

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    I knew it would end. Even as you asked me to spend our lives together, to be tied for eternity ~ I knew we wouldn’t make it. Not because I’m negative, not because I didn’t love you. I do. I will, in my own strange way, forever. Just not like you do. You and I aren’t heading the same way. Your life is slowing to become a complacent, golden time. You’re gearing up for being ‘done.’I’m just starting to fulfill my purpose. We are eons apart, in so many ways. I am a world of words, a wrecking ball…. and you don’t read. I am a force of nature. You are a setting sun. Both beautiful. Both worthwhile. Both destined for other things.

    Good bye, my almost angel. It’s better that you made this ‘choice’ than hearing the truth. You can’t go where I’m going. You’re not equipped for the chaos, the investment, the social complexity. You are … the hillbilly, as you say. I hope your mountain serves you well. I hope I learn to forget you. I hope this is the end of it all. Thank you for quitting on me, for giving up. While you often show cowardice and corafe, in this you showed wisdom. I didn’t know how to tell you, it was inevitable. I would have suffocated. Slowly. You would have never noticed… now, I can breathe.

    Best wishes, William. I will miss your face.

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