• If You Still Love Her

    by  • June 1, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 2 Comments

    If you still love her, why am I here.
    You text her constantly about hanging out and your feelings toward each other. Yet you spend every night with me.
    We have spent almost every minute together for the last four months.
    So if you still love her, why am I here?

    I promise myself I would never be the girl to go through a guy’s phone. I never have, until this moment.
    What I found shakes me to the core.
    You talk about hanging out and your feelings toward each other.
    How if she didn’t have Sean, maybe you’d be together
    She guilts you into apologizing for having me around
    If you still love her, why am I here?

    The hardest part is I can’t admit what I know to you.
    You’d be mad about your privacy being violated
    But isn’t it worse that you are violating me?
    You’re breaking the broken. You know I’ve been hurt like this before
    You say you were raised as a one-woman guy.
    Yet you have me in your bed, and her on your phone.
    Please tell me, if you still love her, why am I here!!!!

    You’ve met my whole family, and I’ve met yours.
    You’re leading your family to love me, but pouring your love out to her! Why can’t you just let her go? If you can’t, then I should go.
    Because if you still love her, I can’t be here.

    If you still love her, I can’t lie in bed with you cuddled up against my
    I can’t be here for every holiday, and be here to comfort you in hard times.
    I can’t support your dreams, and share with you mine.

    If you still love her, please let me know so I can leave here

    2 Responses to If You Still Love Her

    1. Erica
      June 2, 2015 at 5:03 pm

      This such a beautiful poem.

    2. i once said this
      June 3, 2015 at 11:06 am

      I guess my statement was a little more desparate at the time, considering the one I said it to was married and so was I… What prompted that response in me was the realization that this man who ,”loved me”, had basically no problems with his wife( despite the fact he was cheating on her) and would tell me how hot their sex life was.. I guess I expected him to talk shit about her while also cheating on her.. Go figure.. In any case, the joke was on me. I should have had the respect for myself to stop, but it took her finding out , to finally make that happen. Yeah, guess those words are a little more noble coming from the girlfriend than from the f-buddy… In any case YOU have nothing to apologize for! Let him go to her..she sounds like a real prize if she is willing to sneak around. Or, hey, maybe you should call up, Sean…

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