• Family or Foe

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    You never know the extend of greed until there is a death in the family. The death was my mom. When she made her will we were on bad terms, she hated the man I WAS married to. Everything was left to a family member. I was left a retirement fund and she left my son nothing. Which was surprising. She left me a not nice letter as well, and it was opened when I got it. YOU or your girlfriend read it. How dare you. (When I found the letter when she was in the hospital it was sealed.) After she passed this family member left it on my moms kitchen table for me….Im guessing it was opened to make sure she didnt put anything in there like she wanted me to have her jewelry or anything like that. I did take some stuff from her house. This family member let his girlfriend go in my moms house by herself and start packing stuff, which I didnt know. By the time I found out it was 3 days later so I went over there and this woman decided to take charge of everything. The contents of moms purse were on the bed, the dresser was empty and she had a friend there helping her appraise my moms things. Oh and she decided that she wanted my moms curio cabinet and the contents of it as well. You never answered my texts or my calls after the memorial. You never acknowledged the card I sent you for Easter last year (so why would I send another one. So, you get the house, the car, the jewelry, the dog and the contents of the house. Well, good for you. You go ahead and believe what you want. Many people have said Im spoiled etc…maybe I am. IDK…Well, you dont have to worry about ever seeing me again. I moved 5 hours away. Its a good thing too. Theres so much pain and heartache in that state. Im slowly developing my fuck you attitude again. YES, life does have to be about me. If I dont make it about me then who will? You make life about you, right? I use to think blood is thicker than water, not anymore. Blood makes you related not family. Theres plenty of people that know how things went down too. Oh ya, and that little meth problem…and the you being a rat thing. And the selling pot, and DEA banging on your door. All I need in this life is to know my son and my husband love me. Theres a lot more too, I just cant to organize my thought right now.

    Healing in Chicago

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