• To his sister

    by  • April 21, 2015 • To You • 0 Comments

    Did you like what he took a picture of in my house? I thought you might. I want you to know you didnt win. Trying to ruin him. Such hatred. You want her to hurt because you’re angry. Well your whole problem started because of you. Stupid. He did stay over. We never had sex. I faked being attracted to him so he would not be alarmed of my knowledge. I knew hunny. Been on here since the beginning. Went years before i decided to make myself known. Just because you hate her doesn’t mean you can manipulate others to play a part in your trash ass soap opera. So basically i want my award. Best performance for silent monster destroyer. God yall all are so blind. Lastly fuck you fuck your brother and fuck her too. You know it’s a violation to tell your secret. I didn’t and won’t. Be thankful im not evil like you. I’m the best keeper ever. Hell i kept all of yall blind for 2 years pretending i didn’t remember everything asked. Had my agenda. Worked it. Completed it. Then left. There’s more you don’t know.
    But since you’re a bitch i evicted you out of my life. Guess i coulda wrote this earlier but then i wouldn’t of been allowed to see you react thinking you succeeded. And reading others reaction to pretty much driveway watching. Ps he parked in the street. O but thats been known. You should be ashamed. Trying to play games with me. You suck at being a puppetmaster. And a friend. Fuck you.


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