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    Dear Friend,
    Dear Friend,
    I used to address you as ‘Stranger‘, but maybe ‘Friend‘ will make it easier for me. Stranger is a word that arouses uncomfortable feelings.
    Once I started going back to school for work, my fear and anxiety reappeared. I just have that gut feeling that something worse has happened or will happen. People feel strange still, but I don’t know why.
    The apprehensive feeling is here again. It’s here even before I open my eyes in the morning these few days. I hate the look on the face of the colleague who sits next to me in the staff room. There’s something behind it, something that was negative. She is not a nice person, I have always known. She can be a very bad bully. She is the one who told me to chop off my arm, and it’s her who gave out hints to me that my private notes were read. Well, of course, she was not the only one who gave me tips. Somehow i think she dislikes me writing notes. It’s actually none of her business and none of any other people‘s. What rights do they have to read my notes? Those shameless people!!!! Go to hell!!!!!!!!! I have my rights to write whatever I want and they have NO rights to fumble in my belongings. And they make it like it is my fault to write. Whose wrong is this in the first place? All of those people are Poke Kai!!!!!!!!!!! Bastards and bitches, go eat shit!!!!!!! They have infringed my privacy by reading my handwritten private notes and I will certainly file a formal complaint if it happens again!!!!!!!!!!!

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