• enough is enough

    by  • April 7, 2015 • To You • 0 Comments

    God damn it’s been 5 years now. I hate that I was always told time flies but shit it really does. I remember the day I met you I was terrified, and anxious at the same time I was only 16 you were 22 not that it matters but you loved me from the minute you saw me or so I was told. At first I was confused you didn’t even know me but it was cute so I went along. I can’t say I regret it but wow what a trip talk about a first love. You had a girlfriend as you do now the same girl. You fucking asshole. We dated on and off for these 5 years now you kept going back between me and her and lying about it your so controlling and think you do nothing wrong. Fuck you. I’m nothing more than a body to you. That when your lonely you text only when you get bored of her months down the road it’s a pattern youll never be faithfull fuck i cant even trust you. you know I can’t control it so fucking stop. Your horrible really, I wish you weren’t you have so much potential I hate that I talk highly of you deep down. But I love you..a lot. When my dad passed away you were there for me but really didn’t give a fuck I had to ask you for time seriously I was 19 I’ll never be the same. No I’m not asking for sympathy I was asking for love. I don’t think you know what that is. Maybe you do maybe you’ll leave me alone one day when I get the fuck outta this place and you rot here. Maybe you’ll marry her. I hope not she deserves better. As much as I don’t like her I feel bad. maybe one day I won’t text you back. Because I’m to busy not worrying anymore. Maybe one day you’ll realize you messed a young little girl up alot more than you think but i know you know It. Maybe one day you’ll see that enough is enough. Fuck you Cw.

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