• What do you believe in?

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    Dear Stranger,
    Dear Stranger,
    I don’t see why I should stay here. And ‘here‘ sometines mean my workplace, sometimes my parents‘ home, sometimes the world of the living.
    Five years ago, I showed my students Steve Jobs‘ speech, the one about connecting the dots. Ya. Connecting the dots. Things, people, incidents, accidents, thoughts, plans, promises, failures, successes, broken promises, lost dreams, a bee sting, a dog bite, friends, enemies, a sneeze, a smile, a frown. According to some, everything connects and there is a plan for everyone.
    That evening years ago, Connie and I talked about the purpose of life. Somebody had told her that every person was tasked with a certain learning goal in his/her life, and upon the completion of his/her life, he/she should have learnt that something. And in another life, that person would need to learn something else. It’s such a didactic point of view. But it appears almost nice. Right? It seems to add meaning to life. But what are people learning, and why should they learn them? What do people learn from their lives, besides the ugly sides of the world and of people? If it is believed that humans are born innocent, then people learn enough vices to make them worthy of hell. If people are born guilty, people just commit more sins in their lives. Even though some people have a kind of natural goodness, they are not free of any wrongdoings. Does learning something bad or evil also a learning goal? That’s so puzzling. Where’s the point and where’s the end?
    Why does having a meaning matter so much? Why can’t things be meaningless? But the human brains are hardwired to have the urge to look for meaning and significance. Or is everything just senses and illusions?
    Stranger, what do you believe in?

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    1. Cindy
      March 30, 2015 at 12:24 pm

      I believe in love. Without love you just exist.

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