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    Hi there. My boyfriend is a busy hardworking guy and sometimes I feel so alone because he doesn’t text me like before. I want to say that we met in a business meeting and heckk yeah, we become friends to bestfriends to lovers. In that time didn’t for my number but after 1 month, I was walking around in the mall and I saw him, he saw me and that’s where the communication started. We texted, call each other, and have some coffee after his work. I’m a student and his my busy working boyfriend. He waited for me becase my dismissal time is 6:30pm and his is 5:30 so he got 1hourto wait. I really appreciate for his time and for the efforts he made but to make the story short, he was assigned in a far place like 3 hours from me to his work. And he is in a field work so he is very very busy and sometimes there were no text from him and calls. I feel sad because the thing we do before are the things we don’t do anymore. We could just meet every sunday and the day he wants to be absent? Sunday is the only restday he had. I’m so jealous to the other couples because their boyfriends are always there for them, go to malls whenever you texted them. Before we were like them but because of that work, everthing changes. I just flood him will all the texts and he just read it and sometimes just reply “okay”, “so?” see I’m just getting worst. I just want his time, if I am important to him, he’ll make time for me no matter what. but there are times that he’s texting nor calling but it is not that quite. :'( I wish he could create more time for me </3 and I feel cheated but I trust him that he can't do that to me.


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