• Selfless

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    How do I start? You are my everything. I’ve never had much luck in life but as soon as I met you, that all changed. I’ve been down and out, I’ve been cheated on and been broken more times than I can count. But you changed that. You set the last girl I was seeing up with one of my best friends when I was on holiday. I wanted to hate you, but I didn’t. I fell for you instead. Then we kissed. Then we dated then you left home.

    You came home and we got together. Then toy left again. We stuck it out for over a year and then you call it quits. Why? Yes we argued. But I was arguing wrong vs right. Not me vs you. Yet I’m still wrong? I just want fairness and happiness but they can’t come together.

    Gone are the days when we’d lie in bed after months apart and talk about the kids we wanted. Gone are the days when after spending my hard earned money building myself up to be what I thought you needed I would still be able to buy you gifts and take you for dinner because what is money when we don’t see each other often?

    Now I’m losing friends, mutual friends who say they have my best interests in mind but will be on your side even though you’re wrong. And that is difficult. Working with your sister who knows nothing is hardest of all. Why should I pretend to be happy? Apparently “having a personal shiter” is not an excuse for being miserable anymore. You wanted me to open up: I opened up to the fact that I try to morally be the best person that I can, and you throw it in my face with this.

    I do love you and I will still try. Forever. I love you

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