• Fairness

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    I love you and you love me. Shouldn’t that be enough?
    No, because you’re 500 miles away.

    But didn’t it work for so long being apart?
    Yes because it was just me and you.

    We both want the same things. The only difference is that I still believe. You won’t even give me the chance to show you. People tell me that I shouldn’t bother, but it makes me try harder. Why did you have to start that argument? The whole time I wasn’t arguing against you. It was wrong vs right. Not you vs me. And either way I wouldn’t win so why not just do the right thing? Because you aren’t fair. I’ve built up my life and personality around the person you deserve. I’m not fake, I just try harder. When I shouldn’t. You found me in the state I was because I know how it feels to be treated wrongly. And as long as I was with you then I’d be happy. And I am, to a certain extent. But you need to see what I have done for you. I’ve been promoted, gone back to university , even moved country to be with you but I can’t do it all. I need some help. And I don’t ask. I just expect you to not make it more difficult than it needs to be. And that is why you are wrong. You need to for once see it through my eyes before you make a decision or say something hurtful. Because I do. That’s why people think I’m nice, I’m not. I’m an arsehole. But I can see it. And I try and improve on it and do right. And so should you. It’s not about personal gain, it’s about us. And as soon as you see it then you’ll be happy. 500 miles apart or not. I will love you till I’m 106 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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