• the narc

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    Do you remember me texting you asking for answers about us, wanting, needing closure and you wouldn’t respond. I feared my questions were lost to emptiness and upset I began to rebuild. I put one foot in front of the other and became happier. Untill with a halting blow my grandma became sick and sitting with her for hours in the hospital waiting for her death, I yearned for you, you knew me so well. The day before my grandmas news I saw you sitting there with her, laughing, drinking, ignoring me and my feelings. I made my own closure, I began to grow my own garden instead of waiting for your flowers. Why did it take 3 days to respond just to send me a text when my grandma died telling me you knew how I felt. That night I came over drunk and so upset about her being gone and we wanted to talk about us but I hated you, I kept trying to sleep with you to feel something, anything and love and emotion toward you well that just wasn’t it. I hated myself the next day for seeing you and you wonder why I was mean. Now I move on again. I replant my Garden and I will never wait for your flowers, your false emotions and forgiveness of yourself. You fucked up kid, the Things you said and did and how you treated me made my mother call you the devil. Don’t use my grandmothers death to make a move on my emotional state to weasel back in just to push me away again so you can make all your moves. Don’t tell me the other girl isnt important then parade around your relationship at work. Don’t tell me we need to take it one step at a time when the only reason I sit in front of you is because I’m void. I will move on without you and I will make my own happiness. Not relying on you for my ques just for you to put me down. This is my relief, my farewell letter to you and I wish you all the best in this life but I will not be a part of it. Bye sweetie

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