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    It’s swirling and turning around and around and around. It’s always moving and rushing and pushing past. It’s there, I can see it, in all of its chaos. It’s so close to me, but I’m not there yet. I’m not in the centre of it, I’m on the outskirts, like I can see the highway taking people places FAST yet I am on the dirt road, looking up, going slow.

    I look and I look and eventually I’m not going at all anymore, I am static, watching. I see it there, but it doesn’t see me. It is so fully focused on being what it is; a rocket, a hurricane, a force. It can’t be anything else, and the people in the middle are just the same. They go so FAST, never stopping always moving all of the time they have to go somewhere be someone do something.

    So listen to the chaos. What does it say? In it’s huge mass of movement and panic and deadlines and stress and being late and being sad and pretending and wanting and wishing. What does it tell you? You will never know. Because you are so stuck there, in the middle of the earthquake, the tornado, you can’t escape or will not escape. I don’t know which it is.

    I am so happy, so very gloriously happy, that I am on the outside. I’m looking and I can see everything it’s trying to tell you and I want to help and I want to save you, save everyone, and tell them the truth.

    So what is the truth? Go slow. Sometimes, you just need to go slow. Life is short but it is also so very very long. So step outside. Breathe, be still, and watch. Listen to the chaos.

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