• What else can you do?

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    Dear Stranger,
    When you want to cry, what do you do?
    You can’t cry in front of people who are unwilling or can’t understand you.
    You can’t cry when you don’t want to let that somebody know that you are still sad about what he has done.
    You can’t cry when you don’t want to admit that you are still weak.
    You can’t cry when you know people will only laugh at you instead of having any mercy.
    Ya. They still backstab you, laugh at you, mock at you.
    Today when I said to one colleague about trying to cheer up another colleague who is very sad because of her very sick and beloved dog, she said, ‘You are so good-natured.‘
    The colleague who said it is a very good person, but I just cannot help feeling bad about it.
    Ya. coz I know, in these months when I have been so depressed, that dog owner has never really stopped backstabbing me while she pretends to be nice and pleasant in front of people, not to mention others who just joked that ‘if she wants to die, just let her die.‘
    So what?
    They can’t understand because they don’t think or feel like you, and they have never had the same experiences.
    The world is cruel. You cannot expect any warmth or kindness.
    Be glad about things as they are and have been;
    Be glad that they are not worse,
    coz worse things can be on their way.
    Ya. It‘s true. Who dares say no?

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