• Dissapointment with your true color

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    Im gonna start of something thats been bothering me for the whole entire week.
    I know you are just pretending to like me, till the very last day I move out from your apartment. Is this a cowards way of telling me that we talked about it? Maybe we did talk on some parts but the words that come out from your mouth..Ughh..you sound so distasteful. Can you really blame me if I acted such a way where you make me jealous?…First of all, yes, do background check me, you have known me for such a long time, 7 years is such a long time I really think what you are doing to me is not fair. We have come up to this?? Really? this was your plan long time ago, you can call me crazy I guess but at one point I never really did anything else.. What can I say you hurt me in a way that you are siding your friends over me. I tried I did, I tried to be nice and I did, and I was, but you keep provoking me. Sometimes I just keep quiet to forget the things what you said that trully hurt me. I did tried my best. I knew you were unhappy. Im not good enough. I am right you are bluffing. this is why I am scared moving out from my place cuz I knew this is gonna happen. Eventually you are just wanting me to move out..after you got tha taste of it

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    1. Cindy
      March 27, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      If you know then why not believe yourself and move on?

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