• A. Namoly

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    As she traveled this world
    Through time and through space
    A woman named Beauty
    Fell from high grace.

    Distraught and alone
    She roamed the great Earth
    In search of sanctuary,
    A sacred safe turf.

    In her heart wrenching journey,
    She faced ravenous Beasts.
    Some that devour good hearts
    As they feast.

    In pain and in angst
    She decided one day
    To lock up her heart,
    To put it away.

    She managed to find
    An impenetrable tomb.
    And dare a beast seek it,
    Would fall to his doom.

    Growing agile and swift,
    She appealed to the masses.
    Her Beauty magnetic,
    And feats quite bombastic.

    Yet deep in her soul,
    She was one in the same.
    A warrior Beauty,
    Filled with great pain.

    With the sands of time,
    She continued to flee
    Until she crossed paths with
    A. Namoly.

    A handsome young creature,
    Dark, strong, and fair
    With the eyes of a lion
    And a passionate stare.

    It’s as if she had known him,
    From some place before.
    Or maybe she didn’t,
    Her mind would implore.

    She felt her heart churn,
    From that tomb where it lay.
    “Think not!”, said her mind,
    There’s a price you will pay.

    She wanted so much
    To let him in.
    But feared he’d become
    A Beast
    Just like them.

    One sorrowful night,
    When she felt a slight threat,
    She shot dear A. Namoly down
    With regret.

    She left him for dead,
    Without making a sound.
    And returned to her place,
    Where no beasts could be found.

    Her heart bled in pain.
    What had she done?
    She’d become the same beast
    She most hated and shunned.

    She couldn’t go on like this,
    She needed to change.
    Or continue forever
    Alone and estranged.

    With great strength
    And in fear
    She unlocked her trapped heart,
    And shared with A. Namoly
    The most intimate part.

    A surge of relief
    Poured through her soul that day.
    And deep in her heart
    She wanted him to stay.

    What the future will bring,
    She knows is unsure.
    But if nothing else,
    She knows there’s a cure.

    I love you A. Namoly.

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    1. M
      March 29, 2015 at 2:56 am

      Beautiful poem! I can relate to Beauty… I also have crossed paths with my A. Namoly… who I also shot down and ran away from. I hope to one day have the same courage as Beauty and tell him how I really feel.

      This poem reminds me of my favorite Incubus song, “Anna Molly”
      Once again, lovely poem. Hope Beauty and A. Namoly have a happily ever after! <3

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