• Reality is an Endless Gift

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    I read your letters to “just someone I can tell this about” and it transports me back to so many times in my life where it would have been easier to just quit trying and fall to the roadside. I would never presume to discount the loss or pain you’re feeling but I do want to lift the shade in that dark place and crack a window just a tad. First thing is that you can’t lose something you didn’t find to begin with and that is a positive part of your story. Second thing is that it is just that….YOUR STORY. It is with the pen of your soul this story is written and each stumble or fall is the start of another rise, another chapter for you to craft. We are all flawed in so many ways. To focus or judge yourself on the flaws is to draw the shade on your beauty and your impact on us all. Your random smile to a passing person or just the way the glint in your eye was captured by another will change that person in that instant. Your view of this world is part of a living thing that encompasses us all and is either part of a disease or part of a cure. I bled on these pages and found some of the warmest souls that bandaged and cared for the wounds. So for perfect strangers to extend a hand to me and help me back to my feet was my epiphany of how great a gift we have in each other.

    Love loss or unanswered, self-doubt, rage over anothers failings, or any one of a million reasons to gaze downward is truely the first reason to gaze outward. You and I may pass on the road or in a store and I will always look for that inner light, the light that burns at the desk where you write or paint or dance or sing. We are all connected, you are never without a part of me as I am never without you. You are a singular glourious being, entrusted with a part of us all. So take a second to study a starlit sky or a passing cloud or a bald guy at a 7-11 or maybe just a childs eyes, and be amazed at what we are. You are someones desire, soulmate, hand in need. Reach beyond your here and now to take that first step of your rise. Take the pen or brush in hand, start your next chapter. You are never alone in pain or in happiness, we all share in your story.


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      March 24, 2015 at 6:53 pm

      “I bled on these pages…” Yes. We here, have all bled together. Thank you so much for responding to the author of “Just Someone” letter. I’m not one of the misery loves company types, but, on those long nights when missing the one who took love and friendship, too, away, leaving me scrambling for shelter from the storm, trying to understand…reading these stories of struggle, hope, and healing, I feel a little less alone. To “Just Someone” you are noticed, valued, beautiful. If your darkness is like drowning in the pool of the moon while night swimming; your light will surely sparkle like oceans in the sun, so reach for it, cling to hope, keep on. And Jason, for your kind words to all the strangers here, for your words of healing and hope encouraging us to carry on, notice others, and share our inner spark; thank you. May you reap what you sow; because what you sow is kindness, and you are so very, very kind, indeed. ~ Candace

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