• Dear Lord,

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    Day One,

    Hello God.
    Happy Sunday; it’s been a while.
    I am afraid every time I talk with you that it’s been too long.
    I am afraid of that with every person I talk too,
    which generally only makes me afraid to (and thus avoid) talk to them,
    which generally only makes things workse,
    not better.
    You say that “Counsel and sound judgment are Mine;
    I have insight, and I have power.” — Proverbs 8:14.
    You also say that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”
    To know You is to know,
    to understand.
    You, Lord of all things, know my weaknesses;
    what I hide from others is plain to you as if it was in daylight.
    Do not leave me in my darkness,
    but liberate Your servant from the chains which tie him down.
    Use him as an encouragement to those who need a light,
    to those who need a love.
    I am Yours,

    Let this be so,
    I ask without deserving in the name of Your Son,
    Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

    Love, Servant.

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