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    When I first met you at the beach 7 years ago I had no idea that we would have gotten as far as we did. You had a serious girlfriend for a majority of our friendship then all of the sudden decided you wanted me. But you never really actually wanted me. It was merely a fantasy you had concocted in your mind of all of the potential things we could(have) been. You spoke sweet words and kissed me like no one had ever before. I’m not completely sure why I agreed to go on vacation with you, because I knew you would just make me love you and then ignore me, just like you’ve always done. Now that there is a possibility I might be moving close to you I wonder what will happen? Will you try again? I hope not because going through all of this, AGAIN has made me realize I deserve better and I have someone who actually loves me for exactly who I am, flaws and all. i wish you every happiness.


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