• what do you remember?

    by  • March 22, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go • 0 Comments

    There are nights where I lay in bed at night and stare at the string of lights hanging on the wall above my head and I let my mind drift to all the questions left unanswered that I long to forget.. do you ever think of the times I laid right next to you and we held each other close into the night? Do you remember the late night visits to the beach, the beautiful moon. Do you ever linger on the thought of my hands on your skin and my lips pressed tightly against yours? Did you ever know how much I loved you. How deeply you ripped out my heart? Left me feeling like I was nothing. Used and thrown away. Do you ever think of the void you created in my heart when you chose to just not care anymore? Walk away like I didn’t matter. How lost do you think I feel? My best friend is gone and what is worse is he chose to leave me. You basically made me believe that you gave a damn about me. About my heart. But now I am nothing? All those times we talked int the night and I comforted you and supported you. But now with her, you don’t need a best friend. Or were we ever friends? What were we, we made love many times and you said it meant so much, you said I was different. Now all I hear is lies. Now I only feel you saying in my heart I was always nothing. And my love meant nothing. There goes a part of my life, erased. It is hard to believe you ever even kissed me, knowing the betrayal that was in your heart all along. How could you do this to someone who loved you for all you were and could be, and so passionately?
    Broken. Forever.

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