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    Dear S,
    I am heartbroken a shell of my former self what I used to be happy and the person that had a flare for life! I knew the first time I saw your face at work you where the best friend sister I never had, Yes S I hated my childhood growing up alone and I lied be a use I wanted someone to care, you saw that forgave me and I gave you my heart my soul you are and forever will be my twin flame! I keep praying and hopeing I will see you again one day! You put super in and walked away no contact no Facebook no emails no calls no text for months! I see you in my dreams and you never want to stay so I am trying to let you go and move on but I find myself retracing old memories crying until I’m exhausted. I will always love you no matter what and I believe the universe brings us back together when the time is right sending you my heart I MISS YOU! You are my twin flame if you stumble upon this I am sorry from the bottom of my soul I feel lost! Don’t give up on yourself and know I love you! If you see this reply in going nuts without you I still hear you singing I love you I love I love you pet!

    Love always,


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    1. Bunny Ears
      March 20, 2015 at 7:10 pm


      I know what you are feeling because I have once been there before. But I know this sounds corny but it is somewhat true sometimes others are sent in our lives to teach us things that we otherwise would have never have learned. To let us know what love is and be able to recognize it otherwise we would have never been able to see it. However just as they were sent to teach us, we were also sent to teach them and whether they learned or not some people just advance to another block to learn. Not saying you can never be friends again but sometimes we need to go on to figure out what we really need and what we really want and experience new experiences.

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