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    You don’t understand why i was so angry. How you behaved and dropping a best friend simply because your girlfriend at that time couldnt fathom the idea that you and i were legit best friends that never was romantically linked is majorly jacked up. Because i understood and didnt want to cause her stress i kinda quit calling and making plans with you. But by no means did that mean i agreed and thought it was right. Then years later you reach out and instead of realizing you get angry i am pissed. How is it okay to show back up over 5 years later and think we can just jump back into doing everyday crap like we did. Alot changed. For me and i’m sure you too. Your dad died and i didn’t even get the chance to say bye. That hurts. Look i don’t know what your story is with whatever her name was but i am worth more than allowing some girl dictate our friendship. I do miss you and i wonder all the time about your brother and how you are mentally handling it all. You always were strong so i know now you have no choice but to remain strong. I am here mike. I just don’t really know how to repair what you so easily let go of without thought. I’m not a mean girl but i am angry. I do worry about you. I do miss one of my best guy friends. I just am at a loss of how to let you in now. Please stay strong mike. You are very special to me even in distance.

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    1. Hollowaman
      March 18, 2015 at 5:56 pm

      Sounds to me like you did some dropping too. But let me give some advice, make it up, there is no reason not to, make it clear that some bonds need to be firmer than others if they will stay. If a partner cannot trust, will not, they are wrong for the person they are with, because iif i was with who i love, they would know, i could never leave them in doubt who is number one in my life.
      So if he wants back in, open the door and ask if he is going to commit to his friend properly this time, and if you are too.

    2. SJ
      March 18, 2015 at 8:41 pm

      Oh have I been in your situation many times. Power of the pussy.
      I would love to be in the position to dictate a partner’s friendships, but I don’t have the will or desire to try and exert that much influence over another’s world.
      It really is so frustrating and sad that a woman can fail to differentiate between lust and a brother-sister bond. More frustrating and sad still is a man who doesn’t stick up for himself when there really isn’t any inappropriate friendship.
      Sure, women have a rightto stick up for their feelings, but when the threat of cheating is borne of her own jealousy & insecurities in the face of an innocent friendship, she needs to take responsibility for her feelings and control them.

    3. Britney
      April 19, 2015 at 3:56 pm

      In reply to hollowman

      I know you know my name as i always sign my letters and i know you read in the letter that i am addressing mike.

      Im confused if you think you know us and replying based on what you believe.

      To help you out i will say that in 35 years i have dated 3 mikes nicks and erics. I have a family mike. A best friend mike. And a long ago friend mike. Both best friend and long ago friend lost their dad.

      My point is this. Dont inspector gadget me. I never turn my back on people without proper reason. It will work out in time. It took him 5 years to realize what he did. Hopefully it doesnt take me nearly as long. The good part is that im open to the idea of being friends still. The bad part is that once my trust is broken as it was our friendship will forever be in repair. Never again fully there.

      Thanks for advice but i have my own set of rules i live by.


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