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    dear V

    I have to tell you something that i have kept for so long deep in my heart. I can’t deal with this secret relationship. it hurts when you don’t call and forget all about me when i am gone.

    i justify it by telling me and you that its because you are busy and that normally don’t call anyone. you never make plans or do anything else that can mean that you truly actually care.

    my heart feels like its being cut and bleeding all over the place and i am powerless and helpless. and the tragedy of it all is you don’t even care, don’t even see the tears that i cry. you are using me and exploiting me and i know that.

    so i am letting go.i am going to forget about everything. i am just a transient aberration in your life and you wouldn’t even notice that i am gone.

    i wish you all the best in your life and manisha is a great girl. i know you love her and care for her. tell her

    your s

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