• You will Know

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    There’s a song that plays over and over in my head. It’s the one I wrote for you.

    There’s a little place by the water where the Ducks swim around. It’s the place where We first kissed.

    There’s a singer on the radio I can no longer listen to. She’s your favorite artist.

    There’s a karaoke bar downtown that I can’t even walk by. It was where we danced.

    There’s a ring somewhere only God knows. It’s the one you said you wouldn’t take off.

    There’s a house not far from where I live. It was where we first made love.

    There’s a movie I refuse to watch again. It was the first one we watched together.

    There’s a man I envy with all that’s in me. He’s the one you call your husband.

    And there’s a memory I’ll carry as long as I live. It’s the one where we fell in love.

    But, baby, there’s a heart that leaps at the thought of your name. And it’s the one you threw away.

    Who was that girl who gave me her heart? She’s the one I now call stranger.

    If you ever read this, Please know I loved you then, and I still do.

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